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About Us

Robert Saldana

After    finishing    high    school,    Robert    was    invited    to    a    training    program    to    become    a horticultural   plant   technician   for   a   large   plant   company   in   Southern   California.   Robert was   soon   working   full   time   maintaining   indoor   plants   for   Columbia   Pictures   and   Warner Brothers   studios   in   Burbank   California.   It   wasn’t   long   that   he   moved   his   way   up   to   a supervisor   position   overseeing   technicians   and   being   responsible   for   some   of   the   largest clients such as: LA Times, Unocal, St. Vincent hospital and Arco plaza to name a few. In   the   summer   of   1998   Robert   and   Maria   (his   wife)   decided   to   venture   and   go   into business   and   creating   R&M   Interior   Gardens.   Today   we   are   pleased   to   say   that   we   are still   in   business   and   are   very   happy   to   work   with   some wonderful    commercial    accounts    and    home    owners. We   offer   various   maintenance   programs   that   include weekly   or   every   other   week   service   including   one   time clean   up   and   restaging   of   existing   plants.   We   are   a family    owned    and    operating    business    licensed    and insured.
R&M interior gardens Bringing the Outdoors, Indoors INC.

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