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Residential The Problem: It is not you  It has happened too many times to be counted, and we do understand. You find the perfect plants for all the empty spots in your home. Only to have to replace those dead or dying plants a month or two later. Too much light, too little? Too much water, not enough? You shrug it off as “I just don’t have a green thumb...” You just bought your dream home You spent lots of time and big dollars furnishing each room in the house. Now comes the heart of your home- the details. It’s like having the perfect dress and makeup, but then you ask yourself “what jewelry or accessories should I wear?”, or you ask, “what tie should I wear for this occasion?” You know that those items can make or break a look. The Solution: Together we can solve the above problem. You go to professionals for the resume’, wedding, or the kids prom photos, right? As professionals we have the knowledge of the wide variety of available plants for any situation and we know how to choose the healthy from the unhealthy. Let us take our experience of what works and what doesn’t work, to turn your home into a beautiful and lasting joy. We can also give you the knowledge that you will need to care for your plants yourself, or you can give us that privilege. Let us help you create a solution that will last and that will give your home the appeal that will bring a smile to you, your family and all who visit.
Business Design: Scope Whether you are responsible for the environment of an entire multistory building, or just one particular floor, we can help. Whether we are talking about a clean, slick, futuristic office building or a relaxing and homey mom-and-pop restaurant, we can give you an appropriate design that speaks (not shouts) your vision. Money We understand budget- big and not so big, so we always design within that budget. Effectiveness After an initial meeting, we can work solo to just get the task done, or we can work as a team with other departments to work and coordinate a solution. Maintenance: Our designs We are committed to all our designs and have the desire and knowledge to keep those designs lasting for years. Existing designs We can assume the maintenance of your existing design and if needed we can make corrections to that design. Behavior We behave professionally and appropriately. We can be in-and-out without a peep, we can give a simple wave while passing, or approach with a smile and handshake. We understand security and protocol. We understand the ramifications of leaving a door open unattended and we also know how to keep our hands and our eyes on our job. Money For the protection of your investment, we work with you to schedule a maintenance plan within your budget.
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During our consultation visit to your home or office, we will work together as a team, to choose plants and pots to complete your  overall design. Our selection of plants and designer pots will be based on evaluating decor, lighting, traffic flow and your design  scheme. Upon installation we will make sure that all plants are properly lined to avoid any water leaks unto your floor. We add fresh  Spanish moss, mood moss, or beach pebbles as top dressing to cover the soil. We also do flowering plants such as bromeliads,  orchids, ivy and succulents as under plantings to add a touch of color. Your area technician will arrive in uniform to provide the TLC  needed to keep your plants looking their very best at all times. 
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